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 Read New Rules..!

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PostSubject: Read New Rules..!   Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:48 pm

Here are our rules:

1º - Disrespect with other players.

We care about our community, therefore all players need to respect each other. Disrespect in chat, hero, shout, anywhere (with exception of pms, that can be blocked), will be punished. First time offense is a warning, second time this happens, results in Jailing and for 2 days you will not be able to speak. Third time offenses result in a ban. This measure is for establishing a friendly and respectful community.

2º - GMs will not help.

The GMs are here to regulate the server and make sure things are running smoothly for the players to enjoy the game. It is not their responsibility to give buffs, items, adena to players. The insistence in giving /trade for gms or being ordering private message requesting this type of aid, will result in a banning of that character.

3º - GM Names.

The use of similar character names of a GMs is forbidden, for example: To create one "xWolfsteinx" in relation to admin Wolfstein or any similar spellings (ex: Wolfstien) will result in a ban.

4º - GM friendship.

We dont care if you are a friend, mother, father whatever it is of any GM of our Team. This will not give to you any privilege under the server. Threatening other players using the name of GMs/Admins is subject to warning followed of ban.

5º - Accusations against GMs.

The GMs/Admins on this server expect you to respect them at all times. Any accusations, insults directed towards an admin or attempts to degrade an admin will result in a ban. Any accusations without proof will result in a ban without notice. If there are any problems with any GMs, send an email to an Admin so the issue can be dealt with as soon as possible.

6º: Donators.

Donators, please remember that you are a normal player like everyone else, you are not any better than the next player just because you've donated. You can be punished by means of your infractions just like any other player on here. To the other players: donations to the server help keep it alive and help us to be able to improve our machine and our quality so your gaming experience is that much better. Any donation is welcome and much appreciated by the staff and of course by the rest of the L2CR community.

7º: Using Bugs.

Please report all bugs as soon as you discover them, contact us so it can be fixed immediately. Exploiting these bugs to benefit yourself is selfish and is a punishable offense.

8º: Items Change.

We do NOT change any item. When you make a donation make sure that u are getting the right item. If you notice anything is wrong, please contact us immediately so the issue can be resolved in a timely manner.

9º: Bots.

Bots (L2Walkers)Is allowed only in the cities, for buffers/dwarf (sell/trade), and AIOs (All In One Buffers) and its NOT allowed to be used outside of town. This includes any peace zone areas you may be teleported to from a city like the Olympiad game matches or the Oracle of Dawn/Dusk. In case of the usage of Bot outside the city you will be banned automatically, without any warning and will lose the right to recovery any of your items item/char.

10º: Siege Bots: When a clan that is found using bots at a siege, they simply lose their castle and it returns to NPC control until next siege when clans can attack it again and of course those involved with the bots will be banned (all accounts). That way cheaters don't get to keep their castle even after they are found out by the admins.

11º: Olympiad Farm.

If we catch players farming on olympiads we will remove the nobless of the char.

12º: Buying and Selling Items:

We do not allow Buying and Selling items for real money. Buying and Selling for Adena is allowed, when done in the proper forum.

The rules are posted here for everyone to see, therefore claiming to not know the rules is inexcusable when a punishment is given to a player

By Gm-Quantum
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Read New Rules..!
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