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Certain items in Lineage 2 can change the values of basic skills (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIT, MEN) of the characters.

ability Effect

Increases the amount of physical damage.

DEX Increases atque speed, speed race, the shield, evasion, the probability of critical success dagger skills (such as Deadly Blow), the success of the defense and speed.

with Increases maximum HP and CP, the speed of recovery of HP, the weight limit, the impact resistance and resistance to bleeding.

INT Increases damage of magical attacks and the success rate of the Curse Spells (eg Curse: Poison)

WIT Increases magic number of critics, the speed of caste, Hold the resistance and resistance to Curse Spells (such as those producing declining HP , reduced the rate of recovery of HP, decrease the speed of re-use of skills and decrease the effect of Heal).

MEN Increases magic defense, maximum MP, speed recovery MP, poisoning resistance and resistance to Curse Spells. Decreases the likelihood that the caste of a magic skill is cut.

To change the values of these skills, a symbol can be created through the Symbol Maker.

By [Gm]Lolo
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Dyes - simbolos
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