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 Server Rates....!

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PostSubject: Server Rates....!   Sun Jan 25, 2009 5:10 pm

General characteristics.

Arrow -Line: Dedicated 100
-Rates: Exp x10 Sp X10 Spoil x10 Adena: x250 Drop x10 Quest x10 Quest reward x5.
Version-Lineage II: Gracia Part 2.
Auto-Quest: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and change of profession Sub class.
Quest-manual: All others. Bosses: 70% of hardness.
-Quest Items Dynasty: Enabled. Sieges: Castles and Fortress enabled.
Manor-System: Enabled. Seven signs Festival and Dimension Rift enabled.
Nobleza-: Enabled with quest. Olympics: enabled.

Ability-Arms and Armor:
+ Augmentation skill enabled. Special ability weapons enabled.
Arms and armor attributes of fire, water, earth and dark divine enabled.
Skills Foundation special weapons and armor enabled.

Enchantment of weapons and armor available.
Weapons, secure +5 brightness from +7 (maximum 50).
Armor, secure +5 (Max 50).
Probability, weapons and armor Charm 80%.
Probability Charm Blessed weapons and armor 95%.

Enchant'sskills: Enabled.
Items-S80: Skills and quest enabled.
Level-up: 85.
Skills-Level: 81.
Sub-Class: Class 3 sub
Race-Kamael: Enabled.

Academia, Order of the Knights and Royal Guard enabled.
Level 10 + clan skills enabled.
670 For PJ Academya

-Mobs and Drops:
Mobs-Champions: Enabled (lvl 20 to 85).
-Spoil: Enabled. Drops mobs: Common Items.
Drops-Bosses: Items normal. Craft: Items normal Foundation items (lvl 80 +).
Big-Bosses: C1 to Ct1 enabled versions.

1 hour. Dancing
Time: 1 hour.
Song duration: 1 hour.
-Herbs: Basic and special enabled.

Learning-skills: Automatic without books.
-Evolution of pets: Enabled.
-Agations: Shop (manor) and Castles cleared.
-Talismans: Shopping cleared.

Blessed Shots and D, C, B, A, in stores.
Crystal D, C, B, A stores.
Gold Bars enabled exchanges.








The Server will join The Open 1-02-09

Coming Soon
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Server Rates....!
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