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 How Crafter..!

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PostSubject: How Crafter..!   Sun Jan 25, 2009 7:18 pm

Well these links are essential for CRAFT and Spoiler

I just spoiliean race dwarf 1, and only crafetean (create objects) artesain dwarves.

L2data / Pmfum:

Search puts the name of the item you want to search, such
Adamantite Nugget
Fijate percentage [%] and Lvl of bugs, so you can leverage your spoiler
2nd, mats nesecitas estimated how many of the same in this case Adamantite Nugget
10 craftman if we will nesecita 2k of adamantite nugget ..

The 2nd:
Make sure you have the recipe with a craft, or to pay 1 Adena [a]

The 3rd:
Craftea, board mats, not sell anything you want to use, and considers the mats left over
You can later,

The 4th:
If you have a spoiler, it is advisable to seek the highest percentage [%] as possible according to your lvl spoiler

The 5th:
Try to find areas where there does not bother people.

The 6th:
Puts music Put a spoiler and craft, while it is something that helps you, is a high embole

Luago to create objects you have to have a dwarf artesain, you make them with objects received spoilear andalusia
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How Crafter..!
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