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 Nobles Quest

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PostSubject: Nobles Quest   Sun Jan 25, 2009 7:19 pm


Subclass level in 50 -1 and 5 Lunargents Hellfire Oil Supplier of the Reagants
Part 1
1.-Speak thallium in Aden, near the church.

2 .- Go to Giran and talk to Gabrielle, is in the square next to the Manor.

3 .- Go to the entrance of Dragon Valley and speak with Gilmore.

4 .- Go to Dion and teportate Beehive, you have to go to the northeast and find a cave, if there really a map location, the entrance to the cave south of the mark. You must kill a mob that seems to get the Medusa quest item.

5 .- Aden back to talk with Talia, I sent to visit the Master of Melody Heine

6 .- The Melody Master Dragon Valley sends you to kill and Malruk Succubus Malruk Succubus Tauren until you have 10 Talon, the drop rate of these objects is very low so you have to kill many. When you return to speak to the Melody Master Heine.

7 .- Talia returns to talk to, this time asks you to go to the temple of Rune Castle Town to talk to Virgil and Virgil asks you to talk to the 2 NPC's who are with him.

8 .- Go to Rune Castle Town Guild and talk to the NPC that there is there, ahroa sees Rune Castle Town Store and go to the gatekeeper.

9 .- Teleportate Western Entrance of the Swamp of Screams, kills Splinter Stakato Drone until 5 Crimson Moss, the drop is low and all the mobs are aggressive and cooperative, so you better go with a party. Returns to the NPC and Rune Guild will give you a medicine.

10 .- Rune Temple and back to talk to the girl, the cure with medicine, talk to Virgil again and send you to talk to Caradine Goddard.

11 .- Caradine this northeastern andalusia Gatekeeper, on the outside of the city. We ask that you go to the Blacksmith, you need Hellfire 1 and 5 Lunargents, conseguelos and talk to the Blacksmith again Caradine again to finish the quest. Receive a Virgil's Letter and experience.

Noble Guide to Becoming Part 2

Rune Castle Town

NPC that begins: Master Virgil

Requirements: Subclass Level 60, have completed the first of noble quest

1 .- Talk to Master Virgil in Rune Castle town, you say that your daughter has had a horrible dream about a princess who needs help.

2 .- In the Swamp of Screams (see the mark on the map) will find a NPC, talk to, you say he was trying to help the princess and he had to kill Los Angeles, inspected the bodies of angels and disappear ( will appear) until you find a Blonde Hair, when I have spoken again with the NPC, you say you go to see the Witch Calis near Ivory Tower, she owes a favor and wants to do a spell to find Princess.

3 .- Calis the NPC is the quest level 5 clan, will tell you what materials you need to do what you ask, go to see the Alchemist Matilda (the NPC of Wish Potion) west of Ivory Tower when you need it again Calis.
Translator's Note: The one who made the quest does not remember whether to talk with NPC's more or whether to go to Valley of Saints.

4 .- Go to the Valley of Saints, which marks the map. Kill the monster quest, not social, for Orbs of Binding. The item you are not required provided the final blow.
This part I was a little strange, I recommend that anyone get the first 4 Orbs talk with Seals and use Orbs to remove the seal at the Unicorn. If you do not reappear stamps and have to follow, but I think it keeps the stamps have already been removed. The fourth stamp take all Orbs of Binding so not worth getting more.

5 .- back to Virgil, and talk to their peers and receive the Caradine's Letter and experience.

Noble Guide To Be Part 3

Goddard Castle Town

NPC that begins:


Requirements Prerequisite: Subclass Level 65; Path of a Noblesse, Possessor of a Precious Soul - 1 & 2

1.-Talk to CARADINE in Castle Town Goddar
2.-Back to Rune village and talk to Virgil, this will send you some Moobs killed in Valley of saints (Pilgrim of Splendor-Judge of Splendor). Transportation to the entrance of Valley of Saints, enter and go to the right (southeast ) CRUSA the bridge and turn right, there vasa Pilgrims find, kill him until you get the qeu QUEST ITEM.Recorre the area looking for the Judge of Splendor, kill him and get the other QUEST ITEM.
3.-Llevale and Virgil on the items you're aware you need a 3rd Quest Item.ATENCION, you have to kill the RAID BOSS which is in Valley Of Saints Barakiel called to meet, talk to players adventurer's guild.
4.-Once you get killed and the QUEST ITEM, llevarcelo return to the NPC and this will give you the sign that enables you to make the 4th and last part of the quest for nobility.


Noble Guide To Be Part 4 Final

Goddard Castle Town

NPC that begins:

Requirements Prerequisite: Subclass Level 75; Path of a Noblesse, Possessor of a Precious Soul - 1 & 2 & 3

1.-Talk to CARADINE and you're ready to carry cuendo Coliseum next to the Lady of the Lake.
2.-Talk to the lady and will tell you that she is currently Goddess Eva!. Qeu She asked the help to control the world, if you will accept Noblesse Tiara and complete the quest

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Nobles Quest
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