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 Baium Quest

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PostSubject: Baium Quest   Sun Jan 25, 2009 7:20 pm

That the NPC begins


Going to kill the Baium

1.-The quest starts in Aden, go to the Dark Elf Guild and talk to Hanellin

2.-She asks you to bring him a Titan Power Stone, you can get hunting or Lesser Lesser Elder Mage Giants in Giants Cave.

3.-back to talk to Hanellin

4.-Go talk to Athebalt this at the north exit of the city, going to the castle

5.-contact our cemetery, near where there is a convertible hood, talk to him, an angel appears, and then just to talk to the chest. When done again Athebalt

6.-In Giran speaks Martien

7.-You have to go in the direction of Giran to Dion, the chest is on top of a mountain. You have to talk to the chest and a goalie, and again just to talk to the chest

8.-Now go to Dark Elven Village and speak with Magister Harn

9.-will have to go south through the mountains to the east and there you will find the Arc Guardian Corpse, spoke with him. A Killer Angel just with him, talk to the dead angel and will give you a key. Open a chest behind some rocks a little further down, go back to Dark Elven Village and speak again with Harn, returns to Giran and talk to Martien

10.-Back to Giran and talk to Hanellin you ask 5 antidotes and Healing Potion 1

11.-When asked what supplies you want to see if the king or make money.

** If you answer you want to see the king will give you 1 White Cloth, if you answer you give money to win 10 **

12.-Make a party and go hunting Platinum Tribe Shamans and Overlords for the Bloody Fabric, once you have, if you choose to see the king did not go to talk to Hanellin or end the quest and you can not go to Baium , you have to do is to use the plant in Bloody Fabric 12 TOI to come and wake Baium.

If you have to earn money elegistes tarnish the other White Cloth with the blood of the shaman and the angels of the 7th/9th TOI and when you go to the Hanellin and 10 will give you a part of the weapon for your class B and 1 White Cloth more to continue the quest. Hanellin Sometimes you give up and give 49k end the quest.

By [Gm]Lolo
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Baium Quest
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