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 Quest Antharas

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Level 50 Audience with the Land DragonClase

All Breed

TodasLocalizaciónGiran Village

NPC that empiezaGabrielleRepetible

Stone SiRecompensaPortal

1. Talk to Gabrielle in Giran. You say you visit the 4 Seal Watchers.

2. Talk to Magister Kaien on the fourth floor of Ivory Tower. Blazing Swamp send you to kill Marsh Marsh Drakes and stalkers. Probably want to bring a friend or two.

3. Search it in the northern part of Blazing Swamp, and kill him to get a Stalker Horn and Drake Talon. Once you have them, to llevaselos Kaien.

4. Aden sees and speaks with High Priest Orven.

5. Go east from Aden, address Forbidden Gateway. In this area you will find Bloody Queens. Matalas and will appear around 6 Sacrifice Spirits. Once consegas Remains of Sacrifice, llevaselo to Orven.

6. Talk to Master Kendra (also in Aden). We ask you kill Harit Lizardmen Shamans

7. Go to Forest of Mirrors and follow the road as if you were at Angel Waterfall. When you really getting enough Harit Lizardmen Shamans. Matalos until a Dragon Totem of Land and llevaselo to Kendra.

8. Go to Hunter's Village to talk to the last Seal Watcher, Prefect Chakiris. You send to Giant's Cave Kranrots and kill Hamruts. Take a group (a group) of friends, Giant's Cave can be really deadly.

9. Once you have Kranrot Leg Skin and Hamrut, to llevaselo Chakiris.

10. Giran again to talk to Gabrielle, who will send you to talk with two other Seal Watchers.

11. Gludin see and talk to Warehouse Chief Moke. We ask you kill an Abyss Jewel in the coastal Northeast (ndt puts Northeast in the guide, but it gives me that Northwest is going to be ... NdT2: Confirmed, thanks Marianh ^ ^). Abyss Jewel is right at the base of mountains separating the territory of Gludin of the Dark Elves, on the coast (after Orc Barracks). Again, be sure to bring aid Abyss Jewel has a lot of HP, apart from a large group of aides.

12. Once you kill and get Abyss Fragment and Mara Fang, llevaselos a Moke.

13. Go to Pray, talk to Blacksmith Helton, who will send you to kill another Abyss Jewel. The find near the Sea of Sporer, just east of the wall of division and the group against South Mountain. Once you get your Abyss Fragment and Mara Fang, llevaselos to Helton.

14. Go back to talk to Gabrielle has Giran.

15. Go to the west entrance of Dragon Valley and speak with Gilmore, the Eternal of Antharas Watchman. You say that there is a need to kill Abyss Jewel.

16. Enter Dragon Cave Valley and kills Maidens and Keepers Cave until the Abyss Jewel, which will be like the previous, except it only took 4 escorts.

17. Once you get the Fragment mates and go to the entrance of Antharas's Lair and speaks Theodric another Eternal Watchman of Antharas.

18. Theodric give you the Portal Stone that will allow you to visit the Earth Dragon Heart of Warding speaking, deep in the lair of Antharas! Smile

By [Gm]Lolo
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Quest Antharas
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