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 Valakas Quest

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PostSubject: Valakas Quest   Sun Jan 25, 2009 7:22 pm

Quest of Valakas
1. Talk to the Watching of Valakas Klein. Tell you about the living room of the flames "Flame Galery. And you say it first needs a blacksmith in envitarte Goddard.

2. Goddard sees and speaks with Hilda Blackmith in the store. She will tell you that you need 50 Ore Vacualite for arming.

3. In the garden of the beasts "Beast of Gard findest kookaburra, bandersantch and Grendals, kill him to get 50 vacualite ore.

4. When you get 50 vacualite ore back to the store with "blackmith Hilda, she will give you the item for klein.

5. Back to talk to Klein, took the item and you will Floating Stone, this stone can visit Valakas.

6. Before you face Valakas win their dogs guardian.

By [Gm]Lolo
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Valakas Quest
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